Monday, June 30, 2008 Contest

Jason of Dat Money dot com who also owned is running a Market Leverage Sponsored Contest: Win a iPod, Flip Mino, $200 Gift Card or USB Pen.

Check out the contest post for the different methods to gain entries and increase your chances of winning those fabulous prizes sponsored by

For my 10 entries, I’m going to write about the topic “If there was no internet, what would you be spending your time doing?”

Well, if there’s no internet:

1) I'll have to queue up like everyone else for my banking activities online banking will not exist;

2)I'll watch more TV as there won’t be Youtube and other online video sharing sites;

3)I'll spend lots of time catching up with friends on the phone as there won’t be IM chat, Facebook and other online social media community to mingle in;

4)I'll exercise regularly instead of spending most of my free time in cyber space;

5)I'll go to the library and read lots of book;

6)I'll listen to the local radio station and purchase CDs off the shelves as there won’t be music download.

Looks like my lifestyle will have a complete alteration if there is no internet. A scary thought indeed!

This contest will end at 11:59pm on Thursday, July 3rd. Winners will be randomly picked by and announce on July 4th. Good luck everyone!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Market Leverage Sponsored Contest

The awesome guys over @ MarketLeverage have graciously sponsored a contest to run on Jonathan Volk’s blog.

There will be 3 winners in this awesome contest

1st Place - $200 Amex Gift Card AND Flip Video Camera!
2nd Place - Ipod Touch!
3rd Place - Market Leverage USB Flash Drive Pen

This contest is going to be a point based and many/most of the entries are easy to earn. This point based contest is not the traditional most points wins type contest. Therefore, the more points you have the more entries you get into a drawing and the higher chances of you winning those cool prizes.

There are so many different ways to accumulate points, for the complete list, please check out the contest post.

The contest ends on the last day of June (Monday the 30th). After which you have a few days to tabulate and submit the points to Jonathan so that the winners can be drawn! Submit the points via EMAIL to jon (AT)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Win Prizes At The Net Fool's June Birthday Bash

Birthday boy Jim from The Net Fool dot com just turned 19 years old about 2 weeks ago, and wants to celebrate this special month by running the June Birthday Bash where luck readers stand to win a Brand New Flip Video Mino and a $50 MLRewards Card!

These fabulous prizes are sponsored by Market Leverage, Jim’s most recommended affiliate network on the net. Market Leverage had given Jim one of the newly released Flip Mino video camcorders at absolutely no cost, and sponsored a second set to give away to readers of The Net Fool! Not only this, but they decided to kick in a $50 Market Leverage gift card on top of it all to sweeten the deal!

Market Leverage is a leading pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network that provides Advertisers and Publishers with effective online media solutions to maximize their profits. Registration is free, and as a Publisher, you get access to hundreds of top-notch advertisements, leads, referral and commission based sales with the highest payouts in the industry. You simply won’t find a higher-paying service, and you get your own representative whom you can talk to about the latest offers, or last night’s baseball game.

As the norm these days, there are multiple ways to enter and gain tickets to increase your chances of winning. Besides the mandatory subscription of The Net Fool’s feed via email, one of the ways to gain tickets is to create a video and submit it to Youtube. Making a video is out of the question for me now since I do not have a video camera and that heightens the necessity for me to win the Flip in this contest!

Here are other ways to gain more tickets:

Mandatory –> Registration and 1 Ticket: Subscribe to our RSS feed via email
1 Ticket per Submission: Submit one of our posts to social media networks Digg, StumbleUpon and/or Mixx

15 Tickets: Make a 300+ word blog post that links back to the contest at and Market Leverage

25 Tickets: Create a video and submit it to YouTube

This contest will run till June 25th at midnight and the winner will walk away with the brand new Flip Mino and the runner-up will get the $50 Market Leverage gift card.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Win Cool Prizes At Affiliate Confession

A contest over at Affiliate Confession dot com is going to make one lucky blogger jumping with joy (and probably screaming his/her head off) on Wednesday June 25th.

The prize stash of this contest, which is sponsored by >MarketLeverage, > and Affiliate Confession is worth over $500!

Here are the fantastic prizes:

Sponsored by Affiliate Confession
Nintendo DS Lite and 2 games
Affiliate Confession t-shirt

Sponsored by Market Leverage
Flip Mino video camera
iPod Nano
$50 Market Leverage Rewards Card

Sponsored by
USB Missile Launcher
Banana Bunker
Ambient Water DVD Video Aquarium

To be eligible to win the contest, you will have to write a short post about the contest, link to the original contest post and the 2 sponsors listed above. Then make a comment on the contest post stating your blog post url. Your comment will be your official entry, not your trackback, so don’t forget to comment.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Win Cool Prizes At Bloggernoob

Giving away free stuff is a great way to promote your site. And most of the time it doesn’t cost that much. It’s a great way to attract repeat visitors and the winners are sure to be lifelong readers of you blog.

Bloggernoob dot com is running a contest giving away four cool prizes which are sponsored by >MarketLeverage. Awesome right?!?! If you don’t already >make money online, this is a good chance to get rewarded for your blogging troubles.

Contest prizes

4gb Ipod Nano(plays video)
2gb USB pen
Flip video camera
$50 American Express Card

Contest Rules

There are two ways to enter. First, all you have to do is leave a comment on the contest post. Say something funny. Kiss my ass a little. Tell me how great i am or something.

Second, link to the contest post. That is all.

Four winners will be selected at random on 19 June. Easy right?

Are You A Natural or a PreFab Blogger?

Written by Garry Conn

Many people have blogs for a multitude of reasons. Some people enjoy blogging about their family and kids so that other family members out of state can easily view pictures, videos and read about the things going on with immediate family. Other folks really enjoy writing and want to show off their stuff to the world. All in all, there are many reasons why people have blogs.

Really only a small percentage of people have blogs because they want to make money from them. Consequently, even though the percentage of people who want to make money from their blogs is small, it still happens to be one of the most difficult challenges an individual can face.

I see so many amazing and popular blogs in the blogosphere that I know for a fact get tons of traffic, even more than blogs like John Chow dot Com or Yet, they don't make a dime. The reason being, is that making money online isn't really their focus. Their focus is basically expressing their thoughts and views on things without any care if people read their blog or not. These folks would be happy if only their grandmother read their blog or if a million people read their blog.

These folks are in many ways is what I call natural bloggers. Their minds haven't been tainted by the whole concept of making money online and they don't worry about keyword packing, proper HTML, or optimized post titles. Amazingly, these natural bloggers defeat the odds that search engine optimization expects preach.

A prefabricated blogger is an individual who has come to the realization that there is a ton of potential to make a lot of money with a blog. That individual then sets out to start a blog strictly for the purpose of making money online.

With that being said, there is nothing wrong with being a prefab blogger; however, in doing so or in being on, you still have to run and maintain your blog as if you were a natural blogger. If you don't then you're not going to get very far in your ventures of making money online with a blog.


How do I know this? Simple. I have quite a few blogs myself. I won't lie, other than this blog,, I am a totally full blown prefab blogger. I'll make a blog out of any niche topic that I think will yield me the most amount of money with the least amount of effort.

However, in my experience, some of my better performing blogs are on topics that aren't really so "PreFab". If you take > or > for examples. Both of these blogs don't really look or feel much different than other of my other "PreFab" blogs; however, there is one HUGE difference between these two blogs compared to my million and one other blogs. That difference is the topic.

I have over 10 years experience with eyeglasses and twice as much involvement with airplanes. I know these topics both very well and writing on this blogs comes very natural for me. Same goes with >

People who read blogs, don't like "Prefab" stuff. Blog readers enjoy natural flowing content that is written from the heart. Blog readers enjoy getting to know the author of the blog in slow chunks and also enjoy having the author tie in their content with their personal lives.

So, when you go and seek out a niche topic to create a blog in, consider that people may get turned off if you build a blog that looks like nothing more than a spam house full of ads and links. I am soon discovering that you can do much better with having less on your niche blog rather than having more.

Just because Google AdSense allows you to put up to three ad units on each page, try running only one.

Just because you have found an abundance in affiliate programs that match your niche, try campaigning and promoting only one.

If you place more focus on capturing your readers and place more focus on converting your passer by traffic and converting them into people who will bookmark or save your site to their favorites, you might find that your blog will start to grow quickly.

There is much debate about whether or not a new blog should start out of the gate monetized. I'd say it's ok to monetize your blog from the start; however, I also suggest that you always keep your readers best interest in mind. People read your content because they like you as the author and like your content.

I am learning that people place much more value in what you say rather than what your blog advertises. Consider that when you're building and maintaining your blog.

For over a year, I have launched and maintained a ton of blogs that were built for the purpose of making money online with Google AdSense. However, now I am realizing that that might not actually be the best option for me. I am now discovering the power of running and maintaining a mailing list.

A mailing list has an amazing amount of power. Imagine having the ability to send out an email to thousands of people who actually want to receive your email and want to read what you write. This is huge.

So for me, being a AdSense Guru and a "PreFab" blogger, I am now starting to come around and remap all my blogs and do less article publication designed to capture traffic and then send them away through a Google AdSense click. Instead I am now starting to self promote my mailing list forms.

It is to the point of realization now, that I would much rather NOT have a visitor leave my blog off an AdSense click. Instead I would much rather that that visitor just the click towards signing up to my mailing list.

My ultimate suggestion to you would to be more of a natural blogger who blogs regardless of how many people visit or don't visit your blog. It is very likely that your topic that you blog about also is a shared interest among many other people as well. It is just a matter of time before these people find your blog.

The question you need to ask yourself is this:

When someone does find your blog, what are you going to do with them? How are you going to utilize their visit?

Are you going to:

A.) Make some pocket change off them via an AdSense Click, or...

B.) Are you going to get them to sign up for your RSS Feed or Mailing List so that they can come back to your blog again and again?

My focus is now being more of a natural blogger and less of a "PreFabricated" blogger. I suggest that you do the same. :)

You still have to promote and market your blog. You still have to make sure that your blog is search engine friendly. You still have to do all the things that you have been doing; however, the only difference is that you now need to take advantage of the traffic that you do have. In doing so, your traffic will begin to increase and expand.

Win An Apple iPod Nano

One of the newest and most attractive programs that I use to make money online is with a program called Market Leverage. How would you like to win an Apple iPod Nano for free?

  1. Simply download this article that you just read and publish it on your blog.

  2. Then >drop me a comment here so I'll have your name in the entry pool.

  3. Up for grabs is a Apple iPod Nano, a 2GB USB Pen, a flip video camera and even a $50 dollar preloaded American Express Rewards Card. All complimnents of >Market Leverage!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Partners Help Make Money Online

Written by Garry Conn

My readership is packed full of talent. I know this more than ever after investing many hours last night speaking with many of my students in my >make money online newsletter. One huge problem I faced when first getting started in this business of making money online was the fact that I felt like I could do it all by myself. I felt like I didn't need help from others and I felt like I could handle all the elements in creating a money making machine by myself without bringing in people who obviously had greater skills than me in varying elements.

Here are my observations of my readership. I have readers who are very skilled in web design but suck at writing. I have readers who are very skilled in writing but suck at marketing and promoting. I have readers who are very skilled in programming but aren't very sociable or personable. All these great qualities in people are amazing. On the other hand, everyone has weaknesses or characteristics that aren't up to par compared to others. All in all, no one is perfect and its rare to find an individual who is well rounded in having an expert level of experience in all the elements needed towards creating a money making machine on the Internet.

I have mentioned this many times in the past. However, since I do have quite a few new readers within the last few months, I want to remind people again of how important it is to network, make friends and discover the strengths as well as the weaknesses in other people you surround yourself in. Overall, this is what I see in my readership. I see hundreds of people who have the same goals, the same motivations and the same drive to achieve winning and finding success in the business of blogging and making money online. However, another very common element I see is that not many people are successful in this attempt to make money online.

The reason being is the fact that you're not coming to terms with the fact that you can't do it alone and you can't do it all by yourself. Believe me, you are not the only one who reads my blog who has the goals and the desires to learn how to make money online and take your piece of the pie that all these other successful guys are doing daily.

My suggestion for you is to bite the bullet and recognize that bad breath is better than no breath at all and come to terms with the fact that you can't do this by yourself. However, also come to terms knowing that most of everyone else reading this blog are also in the same boat. I believe that it is simply a matter of you investing some time into contacting other people and presenting your thoughts and ideas to them. You would be amazed with the results. You would also be amazed to discover how much the other person you contact would appreciate you for making an attempt to establish a connection with them.

People are desperate in this business and everyone wants the same freaking thing... yet, everyone wants to fly solo and not seek the help from others. If people in this niche could simply learn to take their guard down and remove the protective walls that surround their ideas and thoughts, then collaborating with others will become so much easier.

What can you bring to the table in a MMO project? Are you a graphic designer but don't have a clue about search engines? Well, everyone knows that a killer looking blog will go far in the niche. But also, everyone knows that a blog dead in the water with no traffic isn't good either. A graphic designer can easily pair up with an SEO and together they can make a very successful business.

Do you see where I am coming from yet? You're not going to win in this business if you keep things to yourself. You're not going to win if you keep spinning your wheels in the mud. You need someone to help you with a good push out of the mud, preferably someone who is also stuck in the mud works well. Finding a mutual partner in this business is very comforting. Two heads are so much better than one. Three heads are better than two. The more people that you can find in starting a make money online venture the better.

What are your thoughts? Drop me a comment and let me know more about how you feel about finding partners in the business. Do you think tag teaming in an online venture is for the birds? Or do you feel like it could help you? Speak your mind.

Win An Apple iPod Nano

One of the newest and most attractive programs that I use to make money online is with a program called Market Leverage. How would you like to win an Apple iPod Nano for free?

  1. Simply >download this article that you just read and publish it on your blog.

  2. Then >drop me a comment here so I'll have your name in the entry pool.

  3. Up for grabs is a Apple iPod Nano, a 2GB USB Pen, a flip video camera and even a $50 dollar preloaded American Express Rewards Card. All complimnents of >Market Leverage!


Monday, June 16, 2008

StumbleUpon Traffic Can Make Money Online

Written by Garry Conn

Time and time again people insist on trying to convince me that StumbleUpon traffic is useless traffic. While I'll agree to some extent, it can be useless if you're not properly taking advantage of the exposure. So here's the deal. The common complaint about StumbleUpon traffic is that it doesn't convert into money. Typically, bloggers will write something cool or interesting and have it submitted into StumbleUpon resulting in thousands and thousands of visits in a very clustered and quick time frame.

The problem that people face is that the content or the theme of the story being submitted into StumbleUpon isn't something that generates sales, leads or even Google AdSense clicks. Many people feel like it is utterly useless traffic that does nothing but waste bandwidth. While I'll agree with you on one side, I am also going to disagree on the other and here's why.

StumbleUpon Traffic Eventually Leads to PageRank

Of all the things that I have had submitted into StumbleUpon, very commonly I see multiple people turn right around and write a post about what I stumbled on their own blogs. These are backlinks. Backlinks are important towards building up PageRank. The more PageRank an individual page has the more authority and power they have in delivering their own backlinks to other pages that are more important to you (e.g. pages that make you money). You may recall an article I wrote about how you can >make money online by editing your old posts? Well there you go, that is the key to the topic in this article.

How To Make Money From StumbleUpon Traffic?

First off you need to get it out of your head that the ACTUAL StumbleUpon traffic will make you money. On that aspect, you are right. StumbleUpon traffic does not convert into leads, sales or even Google AdSense clicks. However, its in the actions of other Stumblers that will eventually lead to you making money. I agree with you, who cares about the "Burst Fire" flood of traffic that you get from StumbleUpon. Only thing that traffic does is suck your server system resources and eats up your bandwidth. However, when you stumble upon a box do you think inside it of outside of it?

Stumbling Upon A Box and Thinking Outside of It!

Thinking out of the box here... If you want to make money, you have to consider the value of StumbleUpon traffic. While it is obvious that many already know that the actual traffic doesn't convert, its in the upcoming weeks and months that you should be concerned with.

The strategy is in creatively writing content that is geared towards a high concentration among Stumblers while also balancing another strategy in future link building to pages that will make you money. While on the surface most people quickly balk at using StumbleUpon as a means for making money online, I am here to tell you that it can be the best thing since the invention of the wheel.

Write Content For Stumble With A Trojan Horse Inside For Google

When you write content for the purpose of getting Stumbled, write your content in a way that carefully uses keywords and phrases that you can eventually use to link to relevant pages that will make you money. The Stumble traffic wave typically only lasts a few days. By then Google will have already crawled and indexed you page. A day or two later, Google will have also crawled all the pages from the other bloggers who have pointed links to your post that was submitted into Stumble upon.

If you carefully wrote your post to include targetable keywords, after a week when the Stumble traffic dies down to nothing, you can simply go back and plug those few selected keywords with links to other pages that you have created for the purpose of making money. In due time, because so many people pointed links to the original post you submitted into StumbleUpon, that page will eventually earn PageRank.

Pages Submitted To Stumble Are Very Likely To Establish PageRank

Pages that earn PageRank establish authority. Pages that are linked from other pages with PageRank also too will earn PageRank. So when you submit your post into StumbleUpon, do so in a way where you know that in about 7 days you'll be going back to plug in links that point to the pages that really count in making money. Because you linked to those money making pages from a page that is soon to be established with PageRank, those additional money making pages will go for the ride as well.

The result will be in having pages built for making money online that end up ranking very well in the search engines. Search engine traffic in many ways is perfect traffic for the fact that if you get traffic from a search engine, it is more likely that they are interested in buying what you have to offer for the fact that they came to your page as a result of searching for it.

Win An Apple iPod Nano

One of the newest and most attractive programs that I use to make money online is with a program called Market Leverage. How would you like to win an Apple iPod Nano for free?

  1. Simply >download this article that you just read and publish it on your blog.

  2. Then >drop me a comment here so I'll have your name in the entry pool.

  3. Up for grabs is a Apple iPod Nano, a 2GB USB Pen, a flip video camera and even a $50 dollar preloaded American Express Rewards Card. All complimnents of >Market Leverage!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Blog Contest

The and Blog Contest has official began!
The Blog Contest will run from May 26, 2008 until midnight (Arizona Time) on July 4, 2008.

Currently there are over $523 of prizes donated to the contest and growing everyday!

Prizes Donated So Far:

1.– iPod Shuffle, 1 GB, your choice of color (value $55 includes shipping)

2.– one Log Hat (value $20)

3. – two 150 x 130 advertising space on , ad runs from July to December 2008 (value: $60)

4. www.ConchoValley.CC– 1000 EntreCard credits (value $10)

5.– two winners for the ebook “Killer Domains” (value: $17 each)

6. – two winners for a 150 x 130 advertising space on their website, ad to run from July to December 2008 (value: $60 each)

7. – Two artwork pictures by Mimi (value: $40 each)

8. – a copy of the book “Staked” by J. F. Lewis (value: $14)

9. - Two White Mountain Submarine Veterans T-Shirts (value $20 each) and two 6-pack soda coolers (value $15 each)

To enter gain your points doing the following things:

- Complete daily task.
- Write a blog post about this competition and then leave a comment on the site. Link all sponsors (1st Task)
- Subscribe to and Blog RSS feeds by mail (+1 each)
- Refer a friend - when your friend visits the website for the first time, their first comment should be “Joe referred me to the website” (+2 each).

Earn Double Points by posting your comments on both websites! (aka: - 1 entry point – 1 entry point

The Blog Contest Winners will be determined by a random drawing and the Winners will be announced on the Blog and the Blog on Monday, July 7, 2008.