Monday, August 4, 2008

MIB Is Giving Away $300

M.I.B (MyInvestingBlog) is giving away $300 in his easy to enter contest. Hank’s holiday handout #3 is sponsored by Market Leverage with prizes of three Express gift cards for $150, $100, and $50.

There are 100 possible entries you can have if you exercise all the options available.
For the full list of methods to gain entries, check out the contest post.
I’m going to blog about a question Hank posted and earn 15 entries to the contest.

If you were given $50,000USD (tax free) today, what would you spend it on?

Well, if I were given US$50,000 (tax free) today, I’ll offer it to Hank to acquire his blog, My Investing Blog, and go on to make tons of money from it! Investment is a profitable niche and I’m sure the initial investment of US$50,000 will be well spent and quickly break-even in no time!

How's that for an investment strategy?

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hank said...

Thanks for participating! Best of luck!