Friday, August 1, 2008

Playstation 3 Giveaway Contest

Josh and Michael, two very dedicated bloggers and affiliate marketers from is holding a contest to giveaway a Playstation 3 “Grand Theft Auto” bundle to one lucky winner.

To enter the competition you ONLY have to subscribe to their feed via email and post a comment to let them know you’ve subscribed. But you can also earn more tickets to increase your chance of winning the competition.

How to Enter:
* Compulsory (1 Ticket) —> Must subscribe to the Money007 RSS feed via e-mail.
* 2 Tickets —> Stumble the contest announcement.
* 2 Tickets —> Digg the contest announcement.
* 2 Tickets —> Bookmark Money007 on
* 5 Tickets OR 8 Tickets —> Twitter a post about Money007 linking to this post (worth 5 Tickets). OR. Twitter a post about Money007 and become a follower of Money007’s Twitter Page (8 Tickets).
* 15 Tickets —> Make a blog post about this competition and link to Money007.
* 20 Tickets —> Make a Youtube video about this competition, stating why you should win.

The minimum number of tickets you may have is 1 (for subscribing through e-mail to RSS feed), and the maximum number of tickets you may have is 50 (for doing everything on the list). So if you complete everything on the list, then you will have 50 TIMES more chance of winning the grand prize of a PS3, than someone who simply subscribed to the blog!

The winner will be chosen after around 1 month from July 6th 2008. This date may be subject to change, although if it is changed it will be very marginally (e.g. a week or so). So hurry and get your entries submitted. Good luck everyone!

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